Department of Health CHRC Overview 2021

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Presented by: Ms. Jillanna Devik & Daryl M. Barra, ESQ.

The Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) Legal Unit in the Division of Legal Affairs has continued to partner with the Office of Primary Care and Health Systems Management Center to ensure the protection of New York’s most vulnerable patient populations. CHRC obtains and reviews criminal history information for prospective direct care employees. Its lawyers make decisions regarding the suitability for employment of ex-offenders in nursing home, adult care, hospice, health home and home care settings. The CHRC Legal Unit staff members include attorneys, legal assistants, investigator and support staff. CHRC’s core mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of clients while permitting ex-offenders who can demonstrate their rehabilitation the opportunity to work in the healthcare field.

CHRC has grown significantly over the years, participating in more than 2.5 million decisions regarding employment suitability. In fact, CHRC has grown to become the largest agency making civil requests of the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) for criminal history information.

In 2009, the DOH also established a publicly accessible Home Care Registry (HCR). Now, the public can also check the HCR to see whether a home health aide has been approved or denied employment by CHRC. This has created even greater transparency with respect to DOH employment determinations.

Finally, since the inception of the program, many healthcare providers, employees and attorneys have contacted CHRC with questions concerning how the process works. The unit has been active in responding to these inquiries to ensure that the program is understood and that concerns are appropriately addressed. The public contact number for CHRC intake / program is (518) 402-5549 and CHRC Legal is (518) 408-1627.

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Administrators, Executive Directors, Nursing Staff, and other Interdisciplinary Team Members. 


2.0 CEUs for LNHAs and ALAs

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Feb 9
9th February 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM